Bimmer SERVICE HISTORY & mileage check

Type 17 digits Vehicle Identification Number of your car. Works for BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce.
You will get an email within 60 seconds with service history and all the information that is available for your car.

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We started from the idea of avoiding to pay for a car without service history or hidden problems.

Any responsible owner should sell his vehicle with full-service history and provide documents that can support his claim. This usually happens with premium-resellers, but you better check them personally and go to see the car with the homework done.

We can provide the full recorded service history for the vehicle of your choice. This option will reveal if the vehicle was implicated in any major incident that could potentially lower the safety and reliability of your car. At the same time we can avoid the vehicles with rollback mileage.

This is a very important checkpoint before buying any vehicle, for both your safety and your budget. Any vehicle that was implicated in a major incident could present a safety risk and also require other subsequent expenses.

Now you can check the car that you want to buy and not waste time & money on checks in a real service to find out that the car is not what you are looking for.

We will reveal the car details and equipment list, history related to kilometers, entrances to authorized services and many other details about the car.

We are sending you a detailed PDF with service history of the vehicle and other information like:

• Vehicle service history
• Details about the car
• Technical campaigns
• Service contracts/warranty
• Information on faults workshop
• Navigation map details
• VIN decoder included with optional equipment listed
• Other useful information

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One landing page with everything you need for your car. We deliver via e-mail within 60 seconds.

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We are sending you service history, map update or fsc code along with clear instructions.

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Here we come with the guarantee that you will be satisfied with the decision of buying our services.

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